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Link Shortener Monetization Platform

Ready to earn money from each person that views your links? This platform is completely free with no upfront costs.

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YouTuber's, V-Loggers, Websites (Blogs, Forums, Ect.) can start using this service right now to Track Visitors, Monetize Links, and or turn all links on your website into Ez-Links using our free API.

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Package Description / Country Avg. Price For 1,000 Hits
United States $14.42
United States Minor Outlying Islands $14.25
United Kingdom $13.21
Australia $8.61
Netherlands $8.00
Canada $5.81
Mexico $4.33
Austria $3.54
Worldwide Package $3.50
Bahrain $2.08
Brazil $1.39
Chad $1.37
Bahamas $1.37
Cayman Islands $1.34
China $1.33
Brunei Darussalam $1.30
Belarus $1.29
Bangladesh $1.27
Antigua and Barbuda $1.25
Albania $1.18
American Samoa $1.17
Algeria $1.12
Azerbaijan $1.04
Andorra $1.04
Armenia $1.04
Cambodia $1.04
Belize $0.88
Aruba $0.88
Botswana $0.87
Bermuda $0.86
Anguilla $0.75
Burkina Faso $0.68
Angola $0.64
Argentina $0.64
Bolivia $0.55
Antarctica $0.50

Learn The Ropes & Get Started

For every site you visit (we call this "surfing"), you will receive one visitor back to your site. We provide a fair 1:1 exchange ratio. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1,000.

While surfing, you earn credits and receive bonuses on each prize page (credits, banner and text ad impressions, cash, Premium days, surf drawing tickets). Each credit you earn can be exchanged for one visitor to your page. Other terms will be explained below. 
Install our browser extension and receive 25% larger bonuses from prize pages, as well as other bonuses.

You can also convert credits into banner and text ad impressions on the "Conversions" page and assign them to your banners and text ads.

You can request payout to your account as soon as you earn the minimum of $3.00. You can also convert earned cash into credits, impressions, or Premium Days at any time.